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[ profile] holzman has a post about what I shall henceforth term "The change in tide that saved Hyde."

He says, "There are no acceptable excuses" to not tackling the Hyde amendment in this Congress, with its Democratic majority and a pro-choice President.
The big excuse, party politics, and that old thing, the Constitution )
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In the 1976 film Logan's Run, there is this thing called "The Circuit." The Circuit is basically the Star Trek transporter with radio tuning noise and a random sort element.

Probably NSFW Youtube of The Circuit )

Anyhow, the idea is that the bored idle member of the leisure class (more or less everyone in the film) can click through randomly presented people until finding one that suits at the moment.

Ah, how life imitates art. Or more to the point, how art captures our most banal aspirations.

Now, to heck with Chat Roulette... WHERE IS MY FRICKIN' FLYING CAR!?
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Does Twitter force the reduction of communications to the point they are difficult to distinguish from spam subject lines?

On my Twitter watchlist this AM:

How 2 Increase Uptime with [$PRODUCT]. Shortens length + duration of events

The product? Juniper Support Automation.
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Summary of points regarding the politics around "Net Neutrality":
Lots of points, cut for your viewing pleasure... )
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Yesterday, I posted some thoughts about "Net Neutrality". They were intended to not come down on any side of any aspect of the issue(s) at stake, but rather to flesh out a lot of areas for discussion. There were some great replies and I promised to sum them up into a fresh round of things to think about. But it was a very busy day.

Tomorrow. Meanwhile, please feel free to pile onto the previous post.

Night night.
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I've wondered whether the drive to "Net Neutrality" is little more than a drive to force private property to act like public property, without the deep government interference... except where the government decides which violations of "neutrality" to prosecute/fine/etc., creating an ad hoc regulatory scheme out of the current administration's political goals. Ultimately, I see it as a struggle for the control stick, and little more. But the struggle for the control stick isn't one of simple greed (Internet provisioning is not itself actually a very profitable business; just look at the pure-play backbone shops' quarterlies for profit; it has to be married to content and, ultimately one way or another, ad revenue), but of something deeper, social, and perhaps a complicated product of 250+ years of complex government-private interaction in regulation, license, and tax. I'm ultimately concerned the arguments are happening skew to whatever real problems are out there (I think that about a lot of social issues), so here are some disconnected thoughts on the topic to get some dialog going here. I appreciate any helpful new ways to slice the potato.
Let's dig in... )
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Interactive power outage map with town-by-town info:

Main storm info Twitter stream: #nhwind2010

PSNH downed tree/line clearing Twitter stream: #psnhwires

Road closures:

PSNH updates: Web - Twitter - @psnh

Union Leader storm blog (so simple and yet way more useful than anything the Nash Telegraph has put together)

Update if you have more....
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The journal Science has published an article describing something I think most information security people already knew: Slime molds build networks about as well as most people -- and in similar form.

...also, their networks are made of tubes!
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A lot people are reporting the obviously partisan removal of political signs in MA with the upcoming election. I recall a lot of sign shenanigans around these parts in the 2008 elections. I'm curious about my readers and their general take on such things. So, a POLL!


Open to all. Specifics private to encourage a little more honesty on the gnarlier questions.

[Poll #1509021]
Please do discuss your take on your answers, the questions, and what you think about such acts and so on. Keep it polite!
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Today, Reuters informs us that US Consumer confidence dipped, and rose for the first time since 2007. Uhhhhhh. OK. I guess the 5 or so consumers asked by each bureau had different opinions.
Global shares retreat, Aussie dollar slides
Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:55am EDT
By Emelia Sithole-Matarise

LONDON (Reuters) - World stocks slid on Wednesday on worries about the pace of economic recovery after a dip in U.S. consumer confidence, while the Australian dollar fell as inflation figures pared bets on an aggressive rate rise.
U.S. consumer confidence up for first time since 2007
Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:57am EDT
By Susan Fenton

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Global consumer confidence is rebounding, and in the United States has risen for the first time since 2007, amid signs the world economy is picking up although spending is still restrained, a survey showed on Wednesday.
OMG! Send lawyers, guns... and EDITORS.

I could read these generously to mean there was a dip some time ago, and it's only one survey that shows the rise in US consumer confidence, but frankly if you already have to know the news in order to read it, a fault condition has been met.
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Yes, the NH governor is voeing. He's said he will voe, and he means it. A voe is not something he takes casually! Voe is he!

CBS, on the other hand, appears to take editing rather casually.

Up an hour and a half, so far....

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The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Chicago Gov this day:

The sneer has fled from Blago's lip, his teeth are clenched in hate;

But the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,

For there is much joy in Springfield - Gov Blago was put out.

Seriously, someone needs to do a parody using the entire Casey at the Bat.


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[ profile] holzman and [ profile] rmjwell conversed on the need to vote out those who stalled on impeachment after running on it as a platform, and then of course about impeaching the administration personnel after they leave office; viz [ profile] holzman's comment in his journal:

Just because a President has left office doesn't mean he -- and his whole damn gang -- can't be impeached. Nor is it an empty gesture. It may or may not affect his pension, but someone who has been impeached and convicted is Constitutionally barred from holding any sort of public office again.

I agree that those who ran on an impeachment platform, then said it was "off the table" or dragged their feet, need to be voted out as lying sacks of political baggage. Note that includes the Speaker of the House among others.  I've been beyond disappointed in that clutch of political hacks.

So, to the real provocative issue - if it's perhaps empty to impeach someone who will soon be out of office, is it an even-emptier gesture to impeach someone after they are out of office? That's a more complicated question than one quick comment suggests!

Essay ensues! )
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TalkLeft has some info on Governor Palin's appointment of a Justice to the Alaska state supreme court:

A very interesting choice.  Governor Palin may be more than the Republicans bargained for.  Good for the rest of us should she wind up in the Big Office.
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Those of you expecting a rant against the Republicans on this score, you're about to be disappointed.  Nor is it praise for them. Nor anything about the Democrats.

Let's talk a little about Governor Palin.  Oh, wait, don't I mean "Sarah Palin?"  No, after all, we complained the press weren't calling Senator Clinton by her title while calling her opponents by theirs, as that's demeaning; but Palin, we're gonna never use her title?  Strike one.  You know who you are.  Shame, shame.  You can demean her by leaving off her office when you buck the party and fight your way to an office supervising over half a million people and over a half a million square miles.

If she were less comely, I suspect her actual history of 2 years in office might be in discussion rather than her looks.  Admittedly, of course that's not a long time in high office - but how about we actually, you know, discuss it?  Senator Obama is just as inexperienced and he's at the top of the ticket, and we HAVE discussed it.

Yesterday and today, I've read (all from people I took for social liberals) comments on her being a "bimbo," a "whore," a "walking uterus," "a token," and even some worse.  Very interesting.  Not a word on her actual 2 years as governor - for example, bucking the party on constitutional issues on the advice of the state attorney general, bucking party line by obeying court orders, renegotiating critical contracts with big oil, and opening up pipeline bids to international takers (Canadian company won), etc.  I guess I have to ask if her 2 years as a governor are too little, then why are Obama's as a Senator not?  Closet misogyny, that's why.   If McCain had picked Liberman, would we be talking about the token Jew, a Kike, a Himey?  Would Jindal be a token Indian (and he's really, really young), or called a "baby [ethnic slur here]"?

The obsession of looks->negatives is mostly coming from the general left, and maybe that's slanted because my friends' list is generally very left - but reading this outpouring of misogyny - and it is, you deniers, it is - I can only wonder if the left has more closet misogynists than the right.

During Senator Clinton's campaign, the media - even the left media - did some rather amazingly (closet) misogynistic things. They commented on her clothes and makeup as much as her speeches and positions. They made rude predictions on former President Clinton's role in the White House, and they questioned whether "having a woman in the White House" would affect our miltiary bearing. Rather a surprise for me how entrenched in the core of all US society misogyny is.

Senator Clinton complained about it, and, damned if she wasn't right.

And now we have it - worse, with real acid - for Governor Palin. Rather a disappointment for me, a disappointment in many of my friends.  It's like discovering many of them are closet anti-Semites who believe they aren't prejudiced.  "Hey, it's OK, I'd vote for a Jew candidate!"  Uh, huh.

Why not discuss her as a candidate, rather than by her looks, as a "bimbo" for the right, etc.?  Why is she not "the Republican Candidate"?

Remember the Saturday morning PSAs on prejudice? 

"Who's Senator Palin, Jimmy?"  "She's the Republican's woman candidate."  Uh, huh.

Noooo, that's not showing a prejudiced core. No, sure isn't. Uh, huh.

My friends list is being trimmed, permanently. I will not remain "friends" with people whose souls are full of acid but who think they are full of balm. Those of you full of acid and happy to admit it, please stick around.  You at least are honest, and sometimes a lot of fun.
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South Australia bans flaming hacky-sack-type children's toy; AU Federal gov labels it a "dangerous toy."

South Australian Consumer Affairs Minister Jennifer Rankine said the Fire Footbag was made from fire resistant material and was meant to be soaked in flammable liquid and ignited.

"The Fire Footbag essentially becomes a flaming missile which presents extreme safety risks for people who could quite easily be burned by the footbag once it's been set alight," Ms Rankine said.

"Making such a dangerous item available to children or anyone else is absurd and unacceptable."

Full story at:,22884,23883046-5005940,00.html

For those not getting the title...

Mainway Toys:
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You non-Chicagoans may not realize how seriously endemic corruption is there. 

Corruption: let me show you it

The Sun-Times reports that, as his REASON for breaking the law to keep his personal firearms registered per Chicago ordinance, Alderman Mell, "said he delegated the responsibility to a staff member, who apparently dropped the ball.",CST-NWS-mell21-web.article

Yes, that's right. Mell's excuse for breaking the law is that he tried to illegally use a public-paid underling to take care of personal business, but that the underling failed to do it. Bad underling!

His excuse is that the public resource he embezzled to do his personal work proved insufficient?!

Only in Chicago would a politician refer to his embezzling of public resources as part of his excuse for breaking another law. Moreover, only in Chicago (or another third world city-state) would this laying of blame on a staffer for not doing a little payola work outside his job description go without criticism.

You betcha.

Even if the "staffer" is privately paid by Mell, I don't know who else would get away with "Oh, my maid forgot to register my car, officer!"  Privilege.  Corruption.

This point doesn't even touch on his, "Everybody gets a do-over!" magnanimous work-around to his personal failure to obey the law. Here's a hint, Mell: When everyone gets a do-over only when the bully screws up, it's not magnanimous - it's an exercise of political privilege.
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Substitute teacher fired for being a wizard, among other things...
Teacher Jim Piculas does a magic trick where a toothpick disappears and then reappears.Piculas recently did the 30-second trick in front of a classroom at Rushe Middle School in Land 'O Lakes.Piculas said he then got a call from the supervisor of teachers, saying he'd been accused of wizardry."I get a call the middle of the day from head of supervisor of substitute teachers. He says, 'Jim, we have a huge issue, you can't take any more assignments you need to come in right away,'" he said.
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Gotta love spin - in a story with no bad actor, as it seems, too, we get this array of headlines...  Note the Chronicle's change from one day to the next.

Oakley man killed in collision with new Emeryville mayor
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Dec 7, 2007

Emeryville Mayor Kills Pedestrian
KCBS, CA - Dec 7, 2007

Emeryville Mayor Fatally Struck Former SFPD Officer, NV - Dec 7, 2007

New Emeryville mayor runs down pedestrian
San Francisco Chronicle - Dec 7, 2007

Emeryville mayor driving in rain kills guard crossing street
San Francisco Chronicle - Dec 8, 2007
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MINOCQUA, Wis. - Dozens of drivers made a mad rush for cheap gas after a station employee accidentally changed the price to 33 cents a gallon. [...]

Full story here.  Read it, please, then post your opinion.

Would you rush there and gas up... or try to call the manager?  What are the ethics here?  Discuss.
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